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Racing Meter For Torque Pro 40

Racing Meter For Torque Pro 40

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Computers control and monitor of almost every aspect of the vehicle so there is a lot of data to be had and knowing how to log the data, what data.... Torque Pro and racing meter plugin. im sure this has been disscused many times before. but i got a free galaxy tablet from work the other day.... Buy Bafx Products - Wireless Bluetooth OBD2 / OBDII Diagnostic Car Scanner ... You can read and clear your check engine light and monitor different vehicle.... The following table lists general torque specifications for common brands and ... Component, Brand, Newton meters, Inch-pounds ... Race Face, 47.5 Nm, 420 in lbs ... Disc mounting lockring (rotor to hub), Shimano, 40 Nm, 350 in lbs.. I ended up just splurging for the RacingMeter add-on ($4). It adds a couple features (gear indicator, shift lights) and is laid out/looks better than.... AllenBoort, 1, 40, Latest Post by AllenBoort on July 12, 2020. Normal topic, Defender HSS, 5, 445, Latest Post by moreause on July 10, 2020. Normal topic.... I use a BT OBDII adapter in my ICE coupled with Torque Pro for ... the OBD2 data into my data files that are generated by racing apps with speed, lap time etc. ... I'm hoping to be able to monitor my strange battery range reduction ... Just I have a JuiceBox 40 with a WiFi connection to a data recording server.. i installed Torque Pro to monitor my A/F ratio. still can't figure out how to log and graph...i'm still figuring it out. but, i see that my A/F ratio for the.... RacingMeter requires the Torque Pro App and an OBD 2 adapter in order to communicate with your car's ECU. After the installation, launch Torque Pro and click.... Using a 7" tablet, with TorquePro/Racingmeter, and a cheap obd2 plug for all the ... Cammus touch color change racing meter in the car, a piece of cool scenery.... I just double checked and it's the Racing Meter plug-in that uses the tire size. The torque app must use GPS data + weight. Show Full Signature.

Supported PIDs 0x1 0x20 (0x00); Monitor Status (0x01); Freeze DTC (0x02); Calculated ... IAT (0x0F); TPS (0x11); OBD (0x1C); Supported PIDs 0x21 0x40 (0x20) ... Torque Pro (Android); DashCommander (Android); CarDash (Windows.... Hello everyone, Are you looking for price Beta 680/40 1/2" Digital Torque Meter for sales check it befor buy you can see reviews customers online but you do not.... I received my new OBD2 adapter today and bought the Torque app from the android store. ... I also had it recording 40-60mph. ... sure if they measure in foot pounds or newton meters) at 4875rpm ... But it may be surprising for some to know that many pro drag-racing cars have heavy-duty auto gearboxes.. OBD2 Mode and PID: 2101Minimum Value: -40 ... RaceChrono equations are not compatible with Torque App, but most simple ones should.... RacingMeter requires the Torque Pro App and an OBD 2 adapter in order to communicate with your car's ECU. After the installation, launch Torque Pro and click.... I love the Torque app! Logged ... Reply #3 on: October 16, 2013, 01:27:40 AM ... Anybody using the "Racing meter" add-on for Torque Pro?. Monitor your NC with my Torque Pro PIDs ... pulley GWR 1.8 ACT HD NC2 6MT OSG LSD Ohlins DFV DIY Wilwood BBK 245-40 RE71R ... That way I get REALLY fast response times in the "race" profile, and so-so response.... With an OBD II bluetooth sensor reader and using the Torque Pro app ... l OutGear Solutions Full Length roofrack l Morimoto 40" LED lightbar.. ... like to share? I just got torque pro to monitor my mpg and temps, but I'm interested in doing more with ... Racing Beat header now in. Not a fun driveway...


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